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OOO Linvar Research and Production Center is a developer of precision casting alloys with a specified, including minimal thermal expansion and a manufacturer of the highest possible precision products of them. The center was founded in 1992 on the basis of the Ural Polytechnic Institute n.a. S.M. Kirov and the Ural Optical and Mechanical Plant.

  • 1. Developments.

To date, we offer customers about 20 self-developed alloys with thermal expansion in the range from quartz glass (TCLE 0,5•10-6 K-1) to titanium (TCLE 8,5•10-6 K-1). A number of alloys belonging to this group have special properties, namely: improved casting properties, high damping characteristics, extended operating temperature intervals, increased corrosion resistance.

  • 2. Application.

Products manufactured from Invar alloys are successfully used in the fields requiring thermostability and minimum stresses in joints of elements. These are the following applications:

  1. - parts matched with materials having a reduced TCLE (ceramics, optics of all kinds, including quartz, crystalline silicon, germanium, graphite, etc.);
  2. - precision machine tool construction (basic parts, fastening points, guides of lathes, coordinate boring and grinding machines);
  3. - laser equipment (basic elements of lasers, elements that interface with power optics and so on);
  4. - products of measuring, control-adjusting and metrological equipment (basic parts of spectrometers, measuring machines, stands);
  5. - high-speed precision presses (plungers, racks, shell units);
  6. - castings of heat-resistant tooling of any complexity for the production of parts made of polymer-composite materials for the aviation and other industries (the dimensions of the tooling parts can be several meters; we have mastered the production of these parts from casting invars weighing several tons);
  7. - astronomical equipment (frames of optical products, telescopes);
  8. - cryogenic equipment;
  9. - our products can operate in the range of plus temperatures up to 500 °C and minus temperatures down to -269 °C.

  • 3. Purposes and Tasks.

  1. - the use of our invar and superinvar alloys instead of standard materials (steel, cast iron, aluminum alloys) makes it possible to increase the accuracy of large-sized products with temperature fluctuations, up to 15-50 times;
  2. - production of new items with previously unattainable precision parameters;
  3. - saving of metal materials and labor during machining, as the shape of the molded casting is as close as possible to the required shape of the part;
  4. - replacement of expensive, poorly machinable materials used as materials with a given thermal expansion (ceramics, sitall, molybdenum, tungsten, etc.);
  5. - we are developing casting alloys with thermal expansion approaching zero.